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Fine Art Nude Giclees by Serena Rose

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beautiful giclee print, artwork by Serena Rose Fine Art Giclee print by Serena Rose Giclee print of a nude with timeless appeal.

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About our giclees

Our giclees are printed using an Iris printer. The paper giclees are printed on Somerset 500 gram 100% cotton paper using Pinnacle Gold ink. Our canvas giclees are printed on Capri canvas using Pinnacle Gold ink. We use Kolibri Art Studio for our printing and Art Scans Studio for our scans.

What is a giclee?

A state of the art, digital, fine art reproduction on canvas or paper that looks more like the original artwork than other processes. To achieve the colors of the original artwork, the printmaker must understand color theory and color management and, when you combine this expertise with other printmaking knowledge and advanced equipment, you get some of the most beautiful prints ever to be produced. Truly a collectors delight.

Before any prints are made, the original artwork is scanned. The scan is calibrated to the printer that will be used for the final prints. The paper, canvas and inks that will be used are also taken into consideration. Once the scan is complete a digital file is created and given to the printmaker.

The printmaker analyses the file in Adobe Photoshop and makes necessary adjustments before printing several proofs to send to the artist. The artist and printmaker work together to perfect the desired outcome. Once the proofing process is final the prints can then be done.

Nude Paintings >>

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