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Beautiful giclee on canvas or paper by Serena Rose, portrait of a young woman standing by a pond enjoying the beauty of nature.


Thank you for visiting my online gallery of art. I hope to convey in my paintings, prints and artwork a sense of romantic timelessness. I am convinced that my ideas for the paintings of young women in and around the pond come from cherished childhood dreams and fantasies. I enjoy painting women in this natural setting, which represents my respect for and love of the natural world.

My paintings of women, both nude and draped, have been compared many times to artists John William Waterhouse, William Bouguereau, Maxfield Parrish and contemporary artist Steve Hanks. I appreciate the sentiment. I respect the artwork and artistic accomplishments of all of these artists.

The inspiration for most of my paintings and prints featured here comes from my own water garden. I have a great affection for the natural world, and I enjoy giving special attention in my art to all of life, which I feel is sacred. A good example of the details can be seen in my giclee prints of "Pond of Dreams" and "Garden of Life". I offer original paintings and prints called giclees (pronounced Gee Clay), poster prints of water lilies with goldfish and tropical fish, tasteful nude art prints, tasteful nude paintings and more.

Again, thank you and I hope you enjoy your visit. If you see something that you would like to purchase or if you would like more information, please call me. I do take credit cards and paypal. Your comments and feedback are important to me. Please visit my Guestbook and let me know where you found my site and which paintings you like best. Thank you.

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